“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food”

— Hipocrates

Acupuncture – Electroacupuncture

It is a medical act that is also part of traditional Chinese medicine, which consists of placing needles in different areas of the body, in order to obtain a therapeutic benefit, it can be used alone or combined with electroacupuncture, moxibustion …

Bioenergetic consultation

Technique that combines psychology with muscular therapy to preserve the freedom and grace of the animal with the main objective of reducing muscle pains caused by stress.


A technique in which heat is applied to stimulate certain points in the body to rich the balance of the animal’s physiological functions.

Chinese Phytotherapy

That is a 100% natural therapy that is part of traditional Chinese medicine, which consists of using herbs in order to stabilize the patient’s bioenergetics. It can be used as the only therapeutic measure or combined with acupuncture.

Orthomolecular Medicine

It is based on functional medicine, and consists of providing nutritional supplements to the patient in order to stabilize the biochemical reactions of the body and thus restore health

Gold Implants

It is a technique that involves placing gold globules in areas of pain or acupuncture points, in order to produce permanent analgesia. We are part of the goldtreat clinic network.


Use of homeopathic elements to favor the detoxification of the animal’s body, using in certain cases also principles of acupuncture and neural therapy.

Neural Therapy

Through injections at specific points, irritations are neutralized in the body of the animal, seeking a greater balance where pain, infection, allergy and hormonal disarray are meaningless.