Welcome to UVI Animal Hospital

We are a Center with modern and spacious facilities that are distinguished by being the first in the Costa del Sol to work with Integrative Medicine as a resource to restore the health of your pet.

UVI Animal Hospital was born on March 27, 2009, under the name of Unidad Veterinaria Integral (UVI), where it was for more than 20 years under another administration. In January 2012 was moved to 250 meters of said headquarters, to Matías Lara Larita Street, 26, Fuengirola, to serve with more space and comfort our patients and clients, making the visit to the veterinarian a nice and comfortable experience.

Our philosophy of work is based mainly on honesty offering simple solutions, combining experience, , resources and advice..

Our added value, HOLISTIC MEDICINE, term that implies to take into account the complete animal and the situation in its totality to treat the disease, that means, “treat the patient and not the disease”, being the cornerstone of this medicine the prevention and early detection of it. This agrees with a thought of Dr. Luis Pasteur, on which we base:

“The bacteria is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

“Who looks for the spirit, follows the path of the animals”

— Popol Vuh